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Using purified MN water ensures a gentle, non-abrasive car wash, and is the first step to fine auto detailing job at Mint Condition Auto Detailing here in Eden Prairie, MN. Paying close attention to chrome accents, rims, tires, door jams and moldings, we bring the brilliance back to any car and give it that off the showroom floor new car look.

At Mint Condition Car Wash and Auto Detailing, we understand that your car, truck, boat, auto, van, yacht, bus, RV, mobile home or SUV is more than just a simple mode of transportation or home. No matter what you drive, you get unparalleled attention to detail, the finest techniques and products, and fast, friendly service to protect your automotive investment and bring out the full beauty and luster of your vehicle.

Regardless of your busy schedule, the convenience and flexibility of Mint Condition Carwash & Auto Detailing provides you with the professional automotive detailing your vehicle deserves at a competitive price you can afford.

The trained automotive detailers at Mint Condition Auto Detailing treat every vehicle as if it is their own. It is this consistent diligence and concern with each job we undertake that has made us Twin Cities leader in the field of full-service automotive detailing. Our top-quality products and services encompass everything you'd expect from a professional detailer and much, much more.

Be amazed by the overwhelming sparkle and shine your car will have after a Mint Condition Auto Detailing. Engine steam-cleaning, carpet cleaning, wax and sealer treatments, hand washing and complete auto detailing are a few of the top-notch services to choose from...

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